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– download the animation [right click -> save target as]

This is an in-house project done at Studio6.

project manager: Gratian Galdau
modelling, shaders, rendering, compositing: Adrian Lazar
animation, sound, edit: Catalin Ion


– download the 360 animation [right click -> save target as]

This is a robot I made after a 2d drawing by Michael Kutsche. More about him and his great work here.

An short fight animation will be done together with DigeiJohn.

The work in progress thread can be seen here.

full render:
– render1
– render2
– render3
– render4
– render5
– render6
– render7
– render8
– render9
– render10

clay render:
– clay render1
– clay render2
– clay render3
– clay render4
– clay render5
– clay render6
– clay render7
– clay render8
– clay render9
– clay render10