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Hi guys! This is a training course I’ve recently recorded!

This training course is based on my winning entry for the Cook-Off Contest held by Side FX. Compressing two months of work in a few hours is no easy task since I also tried to cover every aspect of the production. (Technical and the artistic sides are discussed.)
We are going to start with modeling of a few objects with traditional tools that you can find in any package, showing that Houdini has all that’s needed to be a very strong modeling solution.

Then we will jump to Procedural Modeling, something Houdini if famous for. Easy, introductory procedural modeling of a raspberry and a blackberry. Following is the lighting pass and after that we are going to setup shaders for a few of the assets. We are going to add some functionality to the standard mantra surface shader and build a user interface for the new options. We are going to end the training course by rendering the final image.

You are expected to have a basic knowledge of the Houdini user interface and workflow in order to easily follow this video.



  1. Hi Adrian,
    I have just bought the training over at cmivfx and have found it really useful. One question I was hoping to ask, what kind of computer are you rendering on? Is it dual processor mac? my rendering is much slower than is shown in your video and im wondering wether i should update to dual processor :/

    • Hi Richard,
      I’m glad you like it and that you find it useful. The video was recorded on my MacBook Pro 2011 – Intel i7 Quad Core with 8 Gb ram.
      Hope this help and have a great day,

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