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– view the animation made by digeijohn [right click -> save target as]
– view the 360 animation, 1280×720 h.264 [right click -> save target as]
– view the 360 animation, 1920×1080 h.264 [right click -> save target as]

Hi guys!
This is my latest personal work made using a concept art by Florin Bostan aka Bizarde.
About the animation made by digijohn here.
Here is the 3d robot:




High-rez environment renders:
– env. render 1
– env. render 2
– env. render 3
– env. render 4
– env. render 5

High-rez studio renders:
– studio render 1
– studio render 2
– studio render 3
– studio render 4
– studio render 5
– studio render 6
– studio render 7
– studio render 8

High-rez clay renders:
– clay render 1
– clay render 2
– clay render 3
– clay render 4
– clay render 5
– clay render 6
– clay render 7
– clay render 8

And the concept art that i used © Florin Bostan aka Bizarde:



  1. I liked the rigid body tests you did.
    nice stuff! keep it up!

  2. Hi man!
    Glad to see more XSI artist bloggin!

  3. Please contact me, i’d like permission to use some of your work on Visuals. 🙂

    great stuff!

  4. nice work man!!!
    what software did you use?

  5. I really have a tendency to go along with every aspect that has been authored within “War Bot –
    personal work Production Journal”. Many thanks for all of the information.
    Thank you,Geraldo

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