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Hi guys!
I recently had some free time to finish rendering and to compose an older project.





It started as an exercise at Visual Concept Studio but never got finished.
Some screenshots can be seen on my old demo reel but now i’ve changed the lighting a bit and also I’ve changed the foreground elements.
Cosmin Genete did most of the modeling and the texture maps (the industrial area, the suburbs, the trains and the train station), I did the shading, lighting, rendering and compositing and I made the city gate, the down-town and the rail-road system. Catalin Ion animated some people that are scattered in the industrial area but at this render size you can’t really see them (the project was supposed to be rendered in hd 1280×720).

Wireframe (click here for the full size image).

And here you can see how the composition looks.



  1. I love the modelling and lights / textures but i’m not sure about the camera movement, it’s a bit dull.

    So, this is how Bucharest will look like in 3013? 😀

    Cheers mate!

  2. thanks man, i know, the camera movement it’s linear and boring 😦 you are right. I’ll try to make a re-timing in post but I’m not sure how well will work.

    Yeah, you can see how they are still trying to patch the roads 😀

  3. I’d like to hire you. I have very challenging VFX projects at our studios in So Cal. Interested? E-mail or call me at (323) 960-3569. Jon

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