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job title: “Registered Trademark” commercial
job done at: studio 6
production company: Zero Productions

– view the commercial (the unofficial version – different coloring and styling)[right click -> save target as]

– view the police robot 360[right click -> save target as]
Hi guys!
I just finished working at a new commercial for “Registered Trademark” tv show.

some screenshots from the unofficial version -the final version can be seen on studio 6 website.

– directed & produced by: Gratian Galdau
– Van and Van Robot: original model created by Virgil Tanase, shaders, textures and geometry updated by Adrian Lazar, rig by Ion Catalin
– Van Robot paint arm construction: Adrian Lazar
– Cop Robot: model created by Adrian Lazar, rig made by Ion Catalin
– animation: Ion Catalin
– 3d traking: Adrian Lazar and Ion Catalin
– scene integration, lighting and rendering setup: Adrian Lazar
– compositing: Adrian Lazar
– editing: Gratian Galdau
– sound: Ionut Grigore

Unlike the previous commercial that was full cg this one features both real life filmed footage and cg characters. Because of this a few challenges had to be overcome, like 3d camera tracking, realistic shaders, textures and seamless integration between the filmed footage and the cg characters.

2 older render tests with the Cop Robot:

Hope you like it, C&C as always welcomed!



  1. Super tare ti-a iesit….Inca nu am vazut-o la tv..dar din imaginile de aici….a iesit bine…oricum….de la tine ma asteptam la asa ceva…:P………Tine-o tot asa:D

  2. you rock soooo hard!!! 🙂 mind if i share this with the public? 🙂

  3. super super tare… 😀 felicitari 😀

  4. app acum observ
    ticoul de la sfarsit e facut de voi sau ??
    daca e facut de voi ce e asa murdar ?? 😀

  5. mersi,
    ma bucur ca va place!

    marius, ticoul e din filmare, nu l-am jegarit noi 😀

  6. super ciumec! 😀
    designu robotului politist este bestial!

  7. thanks man!!

  8. am gandeam eu :)) ca doar nu munceati la texrtura :)) oricum app azi ma uitam la o masina de politie… si scria ” Politia rurala”
    numai ca pe capota era scris invers de la dreapta la stanga :))

  9. i want to learn from you..

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