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job title: cg garbage truck
job done at: studio 6
production company: MPP

– view the garbage truck 360…almost [right click -> save target as]

A very nice project that i had at Studio 6 was to create a garbage truck to be used in the movie poster of “Trei fratzi de belea” made by Media Pro Pictures.

The final movie poster:
– layout: Gratian Galdau
– garbage truck: concept art – Dominus, 3d – Adrian Lazar
– logo: Alexandru Rusitoru
– “cartooning” the characters: Aurelian Scorobete

And a close up with the garbage truck (final render 4000x)
Click here for a bigger render.

Here is the concept art that Dominus created for the truck:



  1. hehe, de ce nu zici bre ca ai blogea 🙂

  2. nu e lansat oficial 😀 astept sa terminam zilele astea o reclama si atunci “il anunt” 😀

  3. what the flip!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. can i use your garbage truck picture for my presentation background



  5. Can I use your garbage truck picture for a music album cover?

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